Enabling XML Tools Plugin for Notepad ++ plus plus

XML is pervasive these days. Notepad++ is delightful. How to make the best of both?

Use XML Tools, the XML oriented plugin set for Notepad++. Installing it can be a bit of a pain (not too much though). Here are the quick steps:

  1. Download xmltools_xyz.zip from the Notepad++ Plugins page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-plugins/files/)
  2. Close and start Notepad ++ (if you had it open) or just start it.
  3. Drop the dll file into the plugins directory (look where you installed Notepad++ most probably C:\Program Files\Notepad++)
  4. Now you should see XML Tools showup under the Plugins menu. It will however complain saying ext_libs are required. It will also provide links to download them. One option is from the author’s website, another is from sourceforge. I preferred the author’s site.
  5. Download libxml2-xyz.zip, zlib-xyz.zip,libxslt-xyz.zip,iconv-xyz.zip from the authors website.
  6. Go into the bin folder of each of these zip extracts and pickup the dll. Drop them in the root directory of Notepad++ (a level above plugins)
  7. You should be all set to rock!


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