Content Plugs

Argh. So much plagiarism and duplication on the internet. Google is cracking down with Panda and Penguin. But what can web masters do? A lot of times web masters/designers/developers do not want to rip content, but have no choice. Would it not be good to show another site’s content in a nice clean manner while keeping the reader still on yours?

Yes, the iframe tag/concept does attempt to solve the problem but does not solve it completely. An iframe works at a page level (and not at a content level or DOM level). Given how structured pages are today and how plagiarism is killing the internet, it would be best to come up with a concept of ‘content plugs’

Content Plug: An html tag that can show divs or text blocks from another site, while creating an anchor tag to the whole page.

Site A has two div blocks

<div id="1"> Lorem Ipsum </div>
<div id="2"> Neque Porro </div>

Site B wants to show ‘Lorem Ipsum’ on their page. They will then simply add a content plug:

<contentplug src="" contentid="2"/>

With this, the content from Site A will show on Site B, while still making that plug directly linkable.


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