Voice Comments/Commenting on Google docs using Kaizena Addon

My work requires me to collaborate with developers at lot. I mean a lot. And what to developers hate the most? Documentation. Interestingly, developers who cross the documentation/presentation/explain-what-you-do hump, and do that consistently, cease to be developers soon. They move into different roles like analyst, project manager, architect etc. We will leave that and the tyranny of that topic to some other item. Pardon the digression, so what was I saying…yes. Collaboration

Devs struggle to put pen to paper, it often seems to officious to them. Students interestingly face the same problem. Research has proven that voice helps alleviate this communication barrier. Listening to comments or recording comments is easier, fun and lest administrative to devs.

And that’s where Kaizena shines. It provides a nice platform for commenting on google docs. Interestingly, a search for ‘voice’ after clicking on ‘addons tab’ in google docs does not show it, but if you start from Create>Addons you can add it. Thereafter you need to use the ‘open with’ menu item to open the google doc using Kaizena. I wish it were more seamless but hey, whom are we communicating to? developers! they need no introduction to round about ways to getting to functionality. They are the perpetrators 🙂

I have to give credit to the article which gave me the inspiration:http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/05/6-steps-to-add-voice-comments-to-google.html. You can use the same method to add Kaizena instead of the addon mentioned on this blog.

Link to Kaizena:https://kaizena.com