Puzzle: Browsers, NSA, Google: Find the odd one out


The truth of the matter is that the only way to beat google’s world dominance (ever growing and won’t stop) is to create a better search engine!

there are characteristics that can be determined from all kinds of data. For example, one can figure out the type of person (in many ways) by simply tracking the number of browser windows open. So ‘they’ know about you.

There are obviously issues if there is a some ‘they’ who is able to get data from companies whose software and services reach a worldwide audience.

And so it makes complete sense that Russia provide asylum to Snowden.

That said, the life of an asylum can be pretty tricky as well and the asylum planner must be well aware that several aspects of their life is going to change. The fact that he is ready to do that, makes him a bigger human than the rest of us. If there is an attempt to be a god of the internet, he is challenging that. Also it is clear that the internet is dominating the scene world over. My understanding what US

why browsers are shitty(at least firefox is, which is my current browser and the most popular):

– they don’t come built with speech recognition

– one can’t open two windows side by side

– they haven’t implemented a standard for implementing browser controls

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