Simple Techniques to Online Anonymity

– Adopt a few aliases (like norootsquash!) and concoct a few name (like Gaaary Notarealname). Note that there is no way for computers to tell whether a name (firstname, lastname) is indeed a valid one or not. People have all kinds of name and different spellings for the same pronunciation. Attempt to create something unique and google for the name you came up with to ensure no is using it. Eg: ‘Gaary Notarealname’ does not produce any results. To be thorough you can search people tracking databases like pipl.comĀ  and The idea here is not to impersonate someone (as that has legal implications)

– Create email ids based on those aliases (, and use them on websites.

– Use email forwarding. Popular email hosts like gmail allow emails from your aliased email to your real email.

– Clear cookies from your browser every now and then

– Sign up separately by registering with your email rather than using facebook, twitter (etc.) credentials