Setting up VNC (x11vnc) on Ubuntu 14.04 trusty and connecting from Windows

I like my VNC server to run only when I have actively started using my desktop. I often get lazy and wish to continue work from my bedside laptop.

If you would like to run x11vnc as a daemon use the alternate steps below

Running vnc server after logon:

Step 1> Setup a VNC Password File

$>x11vnc -storepasswd

After entering your password twice, the .vnc/passwd file will be created

Step 2> Setup x11vnc to run when you open up a terminal

open up your bashrc ($>nano ~/.bashrc) and add the following line

x11vnc -forever -bg -display :0 -rfbauth .vnc/passwd

Step 3> Download TightVNC viewer for windows and connect!

Running vnc server as a daemon

Step1: Run the following commands

$>sudo cp /etc/init.d/skeleton /etc/init.d/x11vncserver

$>sudo chmod 775 /etc/init.d/x11vncserver

$>sudo nano /etc/init.d/x11vncserver

Step2: Replace the corresponding lines in the file by this

DESC=”X11 VNC Server Service”
DAEMON_ARGS=”-bg -forever -display :0 -rfbauth /home/pr0t0s/.vnc/passwd”

Step3: Install x11vncserver as a daemon
update-rc.d x11vncserver defaults 97 03

Step4: start the service!

sudo service x11vncserver start

Step5: Download TightVNC viewer for windows and connect!

Enablling Hibernate on Ububtu 14.04 Trusty

Enablling Hibernate on Ububtu 14.04 Trusty

Ofcoure, you can find out your version of Ubuntu by running the command
lsb_release -a which on my computer gives
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

Release: 14.04
Codename: trusty

This article provides an alternate way:

See what programs are using the network (and likely communicating with the internet) windows 8

The same technique that was applicable for Win 7 is still available in Windows 8.

Hit Win Key + R: perfmon. Then you will see a screen like this. Here, click on ‘open resource monitor’

This will get you to a multi-tabbed interface, one of which is Networking. Click on that to see details from the windows TCP/IP stack


Keep Window On Top With Ctl+F8 on Windows 7- Useful for playing videos while doing other work

Damned McDonalds! How can they trademark something as basic as I’m Loving It! ..
Risking infringement, I will say I’m loving it.
Discovered two cool new tools…
1. Firefox Plugin: Easy YouTube Downloader – quickly downloads videos. My special interest is in songs with lyrics
2. Window on Top frin Neat utility that works in Win 7 and puts my MPlayer window on top allowing me to hear songs and look at lyrics while I am working on other things.

I’m lovin it!

PS: I download songs, learn/disambiguate the lyrics and then delete the files.

Handy Ubuntu Shortcuts

Makes life so much easier!

Amplify’d from
4. Alt + Shift+ Up Arrow – This initiates a cool looking window switcher interface with w

4. Alt + Shift+ Up Arrow – This initiates a cool looking window switcher interface with which you can switch between windows using Arrow keys while holding Alt + Shift

5. Alt+F9/F10 – Minimize/ Maximize current window

6. Alt+F5 – UnMaximizes Current Window

7. Alt+F7 – This shortcut activates the move window option that lets you move current window using arrow keys. You can even move window to other workspace, try moving it to extreme right.

8. Alt+F8 – Resize current window with arrow keys

11. Shift+Ctrl+N – Create New Folder, Very useful shortcut

13. Ctrl + 1/2 – Change folder view to icon/list.

17. Alt + Up/Down Arrow – Move to Parent Folder/ Selected folder

18. Alt + Left/Right Arrow – Move Back/forward in Nautilus

19. Alt + Home – Move directly to your Home Folder

20. F9 – Toggle display of Nautilus Sidepane

23. Alt + F1 – Open Applications Menu

25. Win + Mousewheel – Zoom in / Zoom out Desktop. This one’s pretty useful if  you are having a wireless keyboard/mouse.