Keep Window On Top With Ctl+F8 on Windows 7- Useful for playing videos while doing other work

Damned McDonalds! How can they trademark something as basic as I’m Loving It! ..
Risking infringement, I will say I’m loving it.
Discovered two cool new tools…
1. Firefox Plugin: Easy YouTube Downloader – quickly downloads videos. My special interest is in songs with lyrics
2. Window on Top frin Neat utility that works in Win 7 and puts my MPlayer window on top allowing me to hear songs and look at lyrics while I am working on other things.

I’m lovin it!

PS: I download songs, learn/disambiguate the lyrics and then delete the files.

Enabling XML Tools Plugin for Notepad ++ plus plus

XML is pervasive these days. Notepad++ is delightful. How to make the best of both?

Use XML Tools, the XML oriented plugin set for Notepad++. Installing it can be a bit of a pain (not too much though). Here are the quick steps:

  1. Download from the Notepad++ Plugins page (
  2. Close and start Notepad ++ (if you had it open) or just start it.
  3. Drop the dll file into the plugins directory (look where you installed Notepad++ most probably C:\Program Files\Notepad++)
  4. Now you should see XML Tools showup under the Plugins menu. It will however complain saying ext_libs are required. It will also provide links to download them. One option is from the author’s website, another is from sourceforge. I preferred the author’s site.
  5. Download,,, from the authors website.
  6. Go into the bin folder of each of these zip extracts and pickup the dll. Drop them in the root directory of Notepad++ (a level above plugins)
  7. You should be all set to rock!