great tip for securing Last pass

Use a Dedicated Security Email Address

For additional security, you can have LastPass send security-related emails to a special security email address instead of your normal email address. For example, password hint emails, account recovery emails, and multifactor authentication disable emails will all be sent here.

This email should be an extra-secure email address only you know about – if someone gains access to your day-to-day email account, they won’t be able to access your LastPass vault without access to your security email account.


Visio objects not moving with arrow keys instead the whole diagram moves

Faced this wacko wierd problem where Visio objects were not moving with arrow keys instead the whole diagram was moving. Finally discovered after reading online that if the scroll lock is ON, visio exhibits this behavior.

Batch Image Editing in Linux

Must know for web developers. Many batch tools are available in imagemagick. convert and mogrify are both great! sudo apt-get imagemagick will get you going

bash$ for i in *.jpg
convert -scale ’48×38′ $i TN_$i
echo $i processed

mogrify -format jpg -quality ‘95%’ *.tiff (bulk-conversion)

For more optimized images use the following:

bash$ for i in *.jpg
djpeg $i | pnmscale -xysize 48 38 | cjpeg -opti -progr -qual ‘75%’ > TN_$i
echo $i processed

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MS Word Tip: Update References all across the document Ctrl+A, F9

Handy shortcut

Amplify’d from

You can update linked fields by selecting them and then pressing F9. You can also select all (by using CTRL+A) and press F9 to update all your fields. However, Dani discovered that footnotes will only update using this method if you first put the cursor in the footnotes area. Then pressing CTRL+A and F9 will update everything. Odd, but it works.