Quick Reference for noobs – find

Handy find references

Amplify’d from help.ubuntu.com
find $HOME -name 'mysong.ogg' 
find $HOME -iname '*.ogg' 

Locating Files by Size

find $HOME -iname '*.ogg' -size +100M 
find $HOME -iname '*.ogg' -type f -size -100M 

Locating Files by Access Time

find $HOME -atime +30

It is also possible to locate files based on their access time or the time that they were last used, or viewed by the system. For example to show all files that have not been accessed in the $HOME directory for 30 days or more:

This type of search is normally more useful when combined with other find searches. For example one could search for all ogg files in the $HOME directory that have an access time of greater than 30 days:

find $HOME -iname '*.ogg' -atime +30

  • -L : Follow symbolic links.
find [-H] [-L] [-P] [path...] [expression]

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