Key board loggers – why not? Conceptually they can be made secure.

Every now and then, comes a time when you want to tear your hair off because you typed (and clicked) on a bunch of info into a form and now you don’t have access to it. You want a time machine. Just to go back a few mins or hours and get back all that data.

Why don’t we have technology to make that happen?

A keyboard + click logger would do the job. These programs exist, yes, very much, but are touted as insecure. Many computer worms, virii have key stroke loggers built in them and in those cases their intent is obviously malicious.

But why can’t we have an ethical, secure keyboard logger? log the keystokes but then encrypt them and keep. Make the data accessible only after two factor authentication. The security issue can surely be solved, can’t it?

If scope of capture is a problem, then let’s focus and apply solutions to that problem instead of just branding the whole thing as unsafe. We could easily have loggers that ONLY capture browser based interactions.